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We started with completely different people. One young man (originally name TriShtae)Tristin Smokey James Campbell also known by the stage name Smokey Jamez or TriShtae is a Canadian Rapper/Singer/Writer/beatmaker/producer/Entertainer and more.
Influenced by Michael Jackson, 2pac, Lacrae, Drake and many more.
Music is his soul he is very talented and writes his own songs.
He started recording tapes at the age of 8 years old starting off with singing over tape recorders etc.
then Genuene (originally name Genuene Tha Boy Wonder)
Genuene was born in a time where crime and drugs plagued the city of Baltimore, Maryland. Doing his upbringing his witnessed so much pain and suffering that he often kept to himself. From his abusive past with his father to the prayers of his mother, he knew that in only a matter of time, he would be able to translate that un-spoken pain bottled up inside into something incredible.
Together we bring real life pain and triumph over hard hitting beats while speaking for those who wanted a voice but unfortunately had no way of voicing their frustrations   

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  • Baltimore, Maryland, United States

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